Why & How To Add Sticky Ads in WordPress SideBar?

Add Sticky Ads in WordPress SideBar

Sidebar of your blog is one crucial aspect to get more conversion, and for lead generation. Many bloggers don’t take advantage of their sidebar to full-potential, and if you fall in the same category; I recommend you to start taking optimum care of your blog sidebar. Place those elements which helps in getting more subscribers or getting more page-views Or add ads which helps in making more money. Just don’t use those useless sidebar widgets like live traffic widget or anything else, which doesn’t add value for your readers.

Today, I will be talking about one trick which can double your earning or conversion from your sidebar widget. Sticky sidebar is not a new concept, and you might notice sticky widget on many blogs including your humble Blogs like this. When you scroll down to the page, you would notice that one sidebar widget will stick, and floats along with the scrolling down of the page. This is useful for you to get more attention to one of your sidebar widget.

You can use sticky sidebar to:

  • Get more clicks on one of your ads.
  • Get more subscribers by sticking your subscription form widget.
  • Get more Facebook likes by make your Facebook like widget sticky

And many more practical usage.

In this tutorial, I will share how you can add sticky sidebar widget in WordPress using a simple plugin. This whole process will not take more than 4-5 minutes.

WordPress Sidebar Sticky plugin To Make your Widget Sticky:

WordPress Sidebar Sticky plugin

Here I’m sharing two WordPress plugins which let you add sticky widget. The first one is just to make your sidebar widget sticky, and second one adds Accordion effect along with Sticky.

1. Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin (Sticky widget)

This is a free plugin that I’m using on my blog to offer sticky widget. This is the simplest plugin which doesn’t require any kind of configuration. Install and activate this plugin (Download link), and go to Apperance > Widgets to make any of your sidebar widget sticky.


Every widget will have a checkbox to make it sticky. You can use it to make one or multiple widgets sticky. Add a checkbox in front of Fixed-widget, and click on save. This will make your selected sidebar widget sticky. I would suggest you to use it on the last sidebar widget, as it will not overlap with other widgets on your blog sidebar.


If you want to make some changes in plugin settings, go to Appearance >Fixed widget options, and make changes. If fixed widget is overlapping with your footer, add the height of your footer in “Margin bottom” to avoid it.

2. Standard Widgets section:

This is another plugin which let you add Sticky Widget effect along with Accordion effect in your sidebar widget. You can download the plugin from official repo over here. Wondering what Accordion widget is? Check out below screenshot:


You can use this plugin only if you need accordion widget, else use the Q2W3 sticky widget plugin.

Note: Don’t make your AdSense ad widget sticky, as it’s against their ad implementation policy.

What widgets should you make sticky?

What widgets should you make sticky

You can use fixed widget to:

  • Promote any of your top content.
  • Get more email subscribers. Make your email subscription widget fixed.
  • Get more clicks to your CPC ads ( Check ad network policy)
  • Get more clicks to your affiliate ad from your sidebar.

A good idea is to use it for your blog subscription widget, as people who would be scrolling down to read your content, are more likely to subscribe to your blog updates.

Do let me know how you are using this fixed widget hack? Which sidebar elements you are promoting? Do share this guide with other WordPress bloggers on your Social network, as it would help them to get more CTR.

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