What Are the Advantages of Buying an Old or Expired Domains or Blog?

What Are the Advantages of Buying an Old or Expired Domains or Blog

Recently I have purchased two Old or Expired Domains as part of expanding my blog network and achieving this year’s goal. By the way, what’s my this year goal? by end of 2016 the monthly blog income should be $5000. I’m sure I can achieve it and currently I’m working towards it.

It’s not a simple task for a part time blogger, but I have the confidence that I will do it by using outsourcing to some extend. Let’s come to the point, when you are in online for sometime and ready to invest few bucks on websites (instead of creating your next website from scratch), it’s an good idea to buy an Old or Expired Domains.

It’s having plenty of advantages and few drawbacks too. Let me share in this post what are the advantages of buying an Old or Expired Domains or a website with content.

1. Domain Age Matters

Domain Age Matters

Older age domains have little more advantage in SEO than new domains, according to experts and as per my experience too.

For example, I can easily target and get into Google’s Search top result page from a domain which was registered in 2010 than a brand new domain in 2016.

2. Some reputation and web ranking factors are already there


Old or Expired Domains mostly will have a better Alexa rank, Google Page rank, social media/networking shares and other worth web calculations. It will be difficult and time taking process to reach that stage for a new domain.

3. No Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox

This could be a myth, but older domains will have the green flag to show up in Google search results ( for reasonable keywords ) whereas new domains will take some time to appear on search result pages.

Google will monitor your new blog until it gets reputations by backlinks, social networking sites and user interaction by useful content. These issues won’t be there on an older domain.

4. Existing Back links


Back links are very important when you build up a new website or blog. But in this case, you do not need to build any new back links (at least at initial stage), because it’s already there. That will be a boosting factor for your website’s SEO.

By the way, bad backlinks may back fire too. You need to check it before purchasing.

5. Existing incoming traffic

traffic sources

Most of the old websites will have little bit traffic which should be enough to understand the incoming traffic pattern and which article are working good in the old blog. If you are good at converting these small number of traffic to a good income, then you can make good money with same existing traffic than ex-owner of the blog.

I will be sharing the factors that I checked before purchasing these old or Expired Domains in coming days.

Have you guys purchased any old or Expired Domains or blogs earlier? how is the experience?

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