Blogging Reality- Are You Strong Enough to Be a Real Blogger?

Blogging Reality- Are You Strong Enough to Be a Real Blogger

We all start blogs and websites with some hopes, mostly to make some money from them. Only few of them are succeeded so far.The truth in blogging is, the successful bloggers share their success stories, but the people failed in blogging do not share anything how they failed, instead, they quit from online silently.

Therefore, most of recent bloggers (including me) have a good and short term hope in blogging to become a successful bloggers like few pro bloggers out there to make good income. Unfortunately, that is not the case in real world.

Few basic points I would like to point out here to understand the reality of blogging. Clearly understand them and plan your blogging according to it. I’m sure that will make your blogging life easy and success.

1. Define the Purpose

It’s simple, why you are blogging? or why you are going to start a blog?. Define the purpose at the beginning stage it self. Do not be like a monkey jumping from one branch to other one and change your purpose.

Set the purpose and work hard for it. May be you can change the purpose once you achieve the previous target.

The purpose of blogging can be,

  • Money
  • Generate traffic
  • Fun
  • Brand naming
  • Support business
  • Become popular
  • Make friends and network
  • Share knowledge
  • Gain knowledge
  • Self satisfaction
  • Just time pass
  • and more…..

Starting or running a blog is like doing a physical business, make sure its having the purpose and goals. Don’t start a blog because I’m having a blog, or I can’t start a new blog in different topic because you are having a successful blog in that topic, am I right?

2. Understand the Reality

No matter how hard and smart you work, things will take some time change in your way. You can’t change the blogging world in over night. None of the successful blogger grow just like that without hardworking for few years. Blogging is with so much competition now. Most of the topics are already covered in internet somewhere, you must do something differently to attract visitors and search engines.

There are some important factors in blogging which you don’t have direct control, such as,

  • Visitors ( You can’t compel them to buy your product or click ads )
  • Competition with other websites
  • Search Engines
  • Money making programs
  • The algorithm and rules in Search engine companies, back links and PRs
  • Your hosting company
  • Domain age
  • and more

The above factors work as they like, if Google disable your adsense account and remove from search results, then you don’t have much options to restore them. It applies for most the third party factors in internet.

You have to full fill their requirements in proper way to stay with them online.

Money and traffic do not come very easily to you, it takes time and depends on what you are writing and how you are promoting your blog.

3. Ready for Some Flops

This is not a discouraging factor, but failures in blogging life will make you as a professional blogger. Things do not work all the time how you expected in blogging. You may spend long days, full of energy and did more study on a new ‘killing article’ on your blog, but the result will be negative. You will hardly find few visitors to well expected article and it could be a complete flop.

This can happen to your affiliate products, niche websites, own products and anything you much expected before launching. Don’t worry!, you are not alone. Most of the bloggers us had the same types of ‘Blogging flops’ in their life.

People learn and correct their mistakes from the failures in blogging, just do not give up blogging for anything. Definitely it will change your life one day if you are a strong and serious blogger.

Though, blogging is like a real world business, but the major different is, you spend more money on real business, but in here money is almost zero (except your hosting charges). Therefore, you don’t lose anything if it doesn’t work well initially.

At the end of each flops and mistakes, you earn knowledge, experience and good lessons. Your well expected killing article might have failed, but just think what you learned from it.

4. No One to Support

I’m not sure how this matches for you, but the country where I’m from is having very less bloggers and most of the people do not know what is ‘blogging’.

Even my wife doesn’t know what is ‘Blog’ and how I’m making money till I explain it clearly. If you are in similar situation, then there will be no support from your family and friends. They will simply say ‘its waste of time’.

In fact, as bloggers we do not expect any support from them, but at least few words to encourage, motivate and appreciate us? ……mmm….. nothing.

I have good friends and all are technically well. I sent a email to my close friends (around 20 to 25) individually asking them to check my blog and return some comments. Unfortunately, none of them said any words. Really it worried me much.

The only people support you in blogging are your readers and other bloggers. Mostly other people also will start supporting and recognizing you as a blogger once you become popular and started making good money 🙂

5. Technical Knowledge in Blogging

Yes, its very important. You could be a good writer and having excellent skills in your topic, but you also should know some basic things in blogging technology. You can’t hire people all the time for all issues and your friends or other bloggers will not help you always.

Learn about hosting plans, WordPress CMS or other, PHP, SQL, HTML,CSS and style sheets, Plugins, backup and restore of a website and very importantly SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This makes you as a complete professional blogger.

Blogging is not only about writing and publishing articles, it contains other technical factors too. You should be having at least basic and latest knowledge of them to survive in Blogging world.

I hope the above points will give some ideas how blogging will be in your life. Most of the bloggers fail because of they do not understand it properly. Even I failed earlier in 2010 without understanding the reality well.

Start a blog with proper planning and give enough time to grow the traffic and money, then you will be in top!!!.

Good luck guys!

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