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How Much Traffic Per Day Do You Need to Generate $3,000 a Month From Google Adsense?

Google AdSense Earnings

How much traffic per day on my website do I need to generate $3,000 a month from Google AdSense? May be a few million views or few thousands? Well before continue this article I recommends you to take a loot at my previous article which is How Much Traffic Do You Need To Make $100,000 With Google AdSense because these are the same questions and here I don’t want to repeat the same answer and here in this article i am going in deep with this questions so ready to go.

Even google cannot predict this as this is something so arbitrary that it has billions of combinations of factors that determine the earning from AdSense. To summarize I’ll mention major factors that can estimate your earning.

First let’s see the factors that are considered to estimate your earning and post that the tips for gaining a huge traffic.

Google AdSense Earnings Factors

Why Google AdSense

Initially your blog will not have a good CPC (reason I’ll share as we go further in the post) and hence you’re earnings would be less or zero sometimes. Let’s have a look at each of them

1. Bid type:

If the bid type is CPC (mostly it’s CPC, Very small percentage of ad type are CPM or any other) then it’s very important to have to a really good traffic.

Having said this, good traffic is good for CPM ads too as higher the page views higher would be the impressions and hence higher would be the CPM earning.

Google AdSense has earned huge respect among all the advertising networks just because of quality CPC ads and it is very very difficult to earn good from CPM ads through google AdSense.

Best way to earn good from CPC is to publish super useful content and that constantly. And then Google AdSense will do the magic of posting relevant ads on your blog and hence creating an convincing aura for reader to click on the ad and you get benefited by it.

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2. Traffic source:

Traffic source does not directly affect your CPC earnings. But it is affected by keywords used in the source country of the traffic.

So next time you see a country coming up constantly in source traffic, research a bit on what keyword in your niche is famous in that country.

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3. Niche:

Niche is one factor that can drastically change your CPC. There are preferred niches that are paid highest by google AdSense but your CPC is not restricted to ONLY these niches.

One among these are preferred but not mandatory.

It is very important to be vigilant in choosing the niche of your blog.

The niches mentioned in the list do well with CPC and I’m sure you won’t regret opting for these niches.

Best part is the niches are daily life topics and won’t be difficult to adapt to.

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4. Content:

With niche vigilantly selected it is time to produce amazing content. An amazing content binds the readers to come back again to your site for information.

If you provide exceptionally good content, the next the readers would search for your blog name directly instead of the query (this is kinda big deal) now it’s really important to produce quality content at good pace and I’m sure you must have heard “content is king”, trust me it is actually the king.

With all these things happening continuously from your side one thing is for sure, your CPC would be anywhere between $8-$10 may be even higher.

Now reason behind this huge difference in CPC is that when your blog has a heavy traffic, your CPC is raised accordingly.

Imagine your blog having a CPC of $50, amazing right? 

It’s actually possible if you can manage producing high quality, in-depth, informative articles and that too consistently.

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How to Create a Decent Article that Gets Constant Traffic?

A decent blog post should begin with the problem itself, then solution followed by alternatives (if any) and conclusion.

Now what is the difference between a blog post with very little or no traffic (from search engine) and a super hit blog post with huge traffic (majorly from search engine)?

What magic do those people add in that post which makes it a magnet to iron solid traffic from search engine ? After following the pattern of the blog posts from top bloggers/ content marketers I realized one major thing, “content is the king” if you manage to provide detailed & deep content to a problem, you are actually bribing search engine to bring tremendous traffic to your posts/ site/ blogs.

So let’s have a look at those magical wands that make these things happen.

Things mentioned here are with respect to you, hence putting you in shoes of those top content marketers and making you owner of a super hit blog for a while. Enjoy !!

1. Niche:

Identify the area you can write amazingly on. Doesn’t matter how small it is, it’s still an information for people seeking it, how to open a campaign bottle is still a information for a person who’s has never tried doing it.

Be a little choosy while rounding off a niche. No idea is small, even if you are intending to write on “How to effectively open a campaign bottle?” just write it, it’s still an information.

If you don’t believe this, search anything on google and check the results count under the search box, you’ll be amazed to see how many people on this planet think exactly like you. There many people seeking information always, no exceptions. Analyze what other people are serving, find what they’re missing.

If you’re really a expert of that topic, you surely will find a loop hole as there always is. No one is perfect. Once you decide the content, you’ll have a clear picture of your target audience.

2. Audience:

Research on your audience. What are they looking for, how they act to a piece of information, how to implement it and all that’s needed to establish a good ambiance with your readers.

Tools like Alexa & SEMrush would be useful to understand your target audience with the content (keyword wise) as base.

Demographics play a super important role in connecting with readers. It’s as important as your content.

Delivering a good quality content at wrong time means nothing to reader as they already have information with them (doesn’t matter if it’s lower in quality than yours). Demographics gets you that knowledge of right time.

Before you publish your content spend time to work where your future loyal reader spend their time also find the reason why they spend their time there ? what that site serves, how they serve and how differently you can serve to your readers.

3. Post:

Start posting the content. But I’d advice you to create at least 20 drafts (if starting from scratch) and post it in one go. Research well and plot well.

Content is the king.

If you serve what user is looking for, you’re god to them. More users view your piece more you’ll rise in search engine ranking. There are some key points under this, let’s have look at it one by one.

4. Content:

Doesn’t matter if topic is same, if this was a problem then we wouldn’t see more than 1 result in search result page.

Your content within is what’ll make the difference. Once you grow, it’s highly important to be consistent in quality.

Constantly and swiftly publishing quality content is bliss.

Create quality content that is sticky enough for readers, once you scale up your sticky content will do wonders. So it’s better to do this right from day one.

5. Keywords:

Keywords are baits to search engine. Keywords if rightly used, will draw huge traffic to your site effortlessly.

Keywords are really important for blog post to get recognized.

Keywords play most important role in bringing your content to readers. As search engine does not remember the information by content, it remembers by keywords. With these reason in mind it is highly important to blend your keywords in right manner.

With right manner I mean not spamming/ stuffing your article with keywords, search engine bots would directly declare your content as spam in case keywords are over used.

Opt for long tail keywords in a detailed blog post, this increases chances of getting indexed well. As the crawlers reports long tail keywords first and then the short tail keywords (since 97% of searches happen with long tail keywords)

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6. SEO Optimize:

SEO optimized sites are magnets to iron solid traffic (which in turn transforms into revenue by various means) and as a surprise WordPress takes care of most of the SEO.

Take care of few SEO basics to begin with. Advanced level SEO tips aren’t needed for now.

7. Practice:

These are the baby steps one needs to take in order to slowly but surely grow.

Continuously, innovatively and cautiously govern your activities over these basic steps.

Create your own schedule to manage your work for the blog, being consistent in producing content is highly recommended (but never be consistent in the content you produce, keep improving on how & how much you deliver. Consistency is death)

8. Earnings:

Nothing’s best other than Adsense for a high traffic website. If I were to explain adsense in simple words it’d be “More traffic your site/ blog has costlier it is for an advertiser to use your blog as ad space under Google Adsense” so having a good traffic website monetized by adsense is the best decision.

This however is a step that’s applicable no where in near future if your staring from scratch. Affiliate may or may not work at high traffic website, but adsense is 100% full proof option once you have commendable traffic.

Once you follow & continuously follow these basic steps I bet you’ll yourself come up with amazing ideas on how to excel at what your learning right now. That’s the magic of learning, once you learn it well you’re ready to teach the innovation you had after learning it.

The steps mentioned herein has effectively, magically, practically, technically & amazingly worked for me. Hence expect the same in your case too.

Share your thoughts on the answer in comments. Share the answer to let concerned people know about the tactics of earning from blogging.

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