InMotion Hosting Review – Pros and Cons Based on My Experience

InMotion Hosting Review

I am still using InMotion Hosting plan on my client sites and here I am going to talk about InMotion Hosting Review, Why I like or dislike it based on my experience so sit tight and continue reading.

InMotion Hosting is a web hosting company that was founded in 2001 and it has Data Centers in Virginia and Los Angeles. It is accredited and rated A+ by BBB.

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Pros of InMotion Hosting

Hosting Performance

The most important thing I look for in any web hosting company is how good their servers are – in terms of uptime and speed.

Some time back, I took Business Hosting plan from InMotion Hosting and moved one of my website to their server.

I had hosted one of my website on a Canadian Company with VPS server. But I got so much downtime during the 1 month I hosted it, that I moved it to current InMotion Hosting Business Hosting.

And here are the stats for the month of March 2017 and Feb 2017

Inmotion hosting Uptime Score

Inmotion Hosting server speed test – C (March 2017).

Inmotion Hosting server speed test – C (March 2017)

Inmotion Hosting server speed test – C (March 2017).

Inmotion Hosting server speed test – B (Feb 2017)

Inmotion Hosting server speed test – B (Feb 2017)

Inmotion Hosting server speed test – B (Feb 2017)

As you can see, the uptime has been 99.97% for last 30 days and the response time is gone down compared to previous month (Feb 2017) .

Of course, the response time may usually bounce around for shared servers but since InMotion Hosting is using SSD drives on all their servers, instead of spinning-tape hard drives, the overall performance is better and noticeable.

Also, according to their sales material, they don’t overbook their shared servers like many shared hosting companies do. What many hosting companies do is fill their servers with websites at more than 100% of server capacity.

So, if there is a spike in traffic in even one of these websites, it will bring down the whole server. Fortunately, InMotion Hosting don’t do that, so any traffic spikes are handled without any issues.

Both of InMotion Hosting’s Data Centers located in Los Angeles and Virginia are connected to Tier 1 Internet Service Providers – clearly indicating that data speed is their priority.

Customer Support

The 2nd most important aspect I look for web hosting companies is their customer support – how quickly they respond and how well they solve my problem when I need them.

InMotion Hosting has a US based Tech Support which can be reached via Chat, Email, Phone, Ticket system and Skype.

Since I am on Skype all day, it’s my favorite option to contact them.

InMotion Hosting Tech Support Skype

Also once I had some issue related to WordPress Plugin and instead of calling them, I tried to solve it myself. So, I dig into their Support Center and searched for my problem and found the answer.

Inmotion Hosting Support Center

They also have their staff answer questions if we post them in their articles:

staff answer questions

There was one time when I needed to talk to their Tech support via chat and this is what I got:

Tech support via chat

It gave me wait time of 10-15 minutes! So I called them instead and got instant response. I assume this 10-15 min thing would be one off. I will again try to reach them later and post my findings here.

They’ve also got extensive documentation that includes FAQ’s, tutorials, product guides and a community section that allows you to post a question on their forum.

We are almost at the half way of our InMotion Hosting Review article.

Control Panel

Unlike other web hosting companies, InMotion has Control Panel (popularly called cPanel) on the Accounts Dashboard screen. So, there is no separate login for cPanel.

I prefer cPanel compared to any other interface because it’s very simple, easy to use and offers lot of options for your web hosting. I also like using Softaculous with one click install.

InMotion’s Account Dashboard

Both of these are now part of InMotion’s Account Dashboard.

Free Data backups

You need to have frequent backups of your website – to be safe. Any server, however good or world class it may be, will go down someday. So, hosting company which offers frequent data backup facility is a must have.

InMotion hosting offers free automatic site backup – just like other web hosting companies.

What makes InMotion good is that this is offered free to all customers and there is no charge to get this data. Compared to this, HostGator charges $19 to retrieve your data backup.

All shared and VPS accounts with data less than 10GB are automatically backed up every 24 to 36 hours.

But as always, never rely on such automated backups. Take your separate multiple backups manually at regular intervals and store them in multiple places.

Free Domain

All shared (business) hosting plans from InMotion come with free domain. While all VPS hosting plans purchased for 6 or 12 months include a free domain.

Money back guarantee

InMotion Hosting provides 90-day (highest in Hosting business) full money back guarantee on all 6 month and longer hosting plans of Business and VPS plans. This makes trying InMotion Hosting a no brainer.

Free Website Transfer

Even when you are ready to switch to new hosting company, you might be worried about Site downtime. InMotion gives guarantee of no site downtime or any loss of important website data during this transfer.

This service is offer free, so I applied for this while moving one of my website to InMotion Hosting. I didn’t notice any site downtime when the it was moved.

Advertising Credit

InMotion provides $250 of free advertising credits when you sign up for their business hosting plan.

Cons of InMotion Hosting

  • For shared hosting plans, InMotion’s price is slightly higher than other companies. However, to get 56% off, click this InMotion plans page to bring the price down.
  • Lower plans of shared hosting do not include monthly plans (only 12 and 24 months allowed)
  • No option for hosting on Windows servers (FAQ)

InMotion Hosting Review – Verdict:

Overall, InMotion is a solid, well respected web hosting company. That’s the reason I switched one of my website to them.

If you have few websites to manage and are happy to pay a bit more for good support and server performance, then InMotion Hosting is a great fit for you.

You can, however, get some discounts on current prices. Just click here and avail 56% OFF on regular prices. This is an exclusive discount given to users of VisRana.

I hope you will find this InMotion Hosting Review article useful in deciding if you should go for InMotion Hosting.

Good luck and Happy Hosting!

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