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How to Make Money With TubeBuddy Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are the second options for every blogger to make money online after Google AdSense program which is also the best Google AdSense alternative to earn some money from the internet and If used in a proper or strategic way then It can generate 20%-80% more revenue in a month than Google AdSense and other Advertising programs.

Are you a YouTuber, Video Marketer or Blogger? If yes then don’t tell me that you don’t know about TubeBuddy 🙂 and If you know then I am 90% sure that you don’t know about TubeBuddy affiliate program or TubeBuddy partner program.

OK! Don’t be angry, If you know 🙁 . I just wanna say, 90% people doesn’t 🙂 .

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What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a must have growth hacking tool for every YouTube video marketers & other YouTubers, it’s also a one of vital YouTube SEO tool.

There’s plenty of things you can do with TubeBuddy like:

  • Adding/ Updating annotations
  • Managing comments
  • Creating thumbnails
  • Optimizing videos
  • Channel management
  • Keyword research
  • Subscriber outreach
  • Updating/Adding info cards
  • YouTube channel backup
  • Creating animated GIFS

and much more and Trust me when I say it’s much more then it’s really much more, I just threw only a few here.

TubeBuddy’s review and how-to require a completely different 1500 words blog post and which I’ll do it for you in near future.

OK without making any delay and turning this post into a review post let’s jump right into it.

You must be thinking why the heck do you created a post just for an affiliate program.

Well, TubeBuddy affiliate program is one of the most lucrative ones I’ve come across and that’s why I want to share it with you.

What’s Special to Join TubeBuddy Affiliate?

  • They give a flat 30% commission for every sale.
  • That’s right 30%/sale.that’s really a good percentage when you see it as long term.
  • They have easy TubeBuddy chrome extension.
  • They are popular enough that you don’t need a die hard trying to promote them like many other affiliate programs.
  • Many bigger brands and YouTuber already have nice comments abut this video marketing and their YouTube channel management tool so indeed its a trustable one.
  • It suit’s many niches, no matter if are in a blogging niche or internet or anything else, TubeBuddy won’t be out of blue product to promote.
  • User-friendly tracking option and tools to share.
  • Above all they have a very nice offer of 25% lifetime discount when someone joins TubeBuddy via your affiliate link.

Do I need to mention any more reasons?

TubeBuddy Affiliate Program Requirements

  • A YouTube channel, don’t worry if you don’t have one just create any random.
  • A Gmail/Google+ account.
  • And of course, a PayPal account for payment.

How to Join TubeBuddy Affiliate Program

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Usually, there are two types when it comes to joining an affiliate program.

  • Joining through an affiliate marketplace
  • Joining through a direct in-house affiliate program.

Well, unlike many other affiliate companies TubeBuddy don’t have a tie up with any of affiliate network/ marketplace like ShareAsale or CJ. They offer only in-house affiliate means you can only join their affiliate program via their TubeBuddy official site.

Click Here to Join Now

Now simply click on sign up or sign in using your Gmail account. I prefer login using my Gmail account because as a blogger you know how many affiliate link and accounts we deal with So the less the better.

tubebuddy signin

First, sync a YouTube channel with TubeBuddy from he dashboard or else you can add your google+ page to create one.

sync a YouTube channel with tubebuddy

Now click on the “more info” option under the partner program area from your dashboard.

more info

Now enter a “partner code”. It helps to track your affiliate referrals. Consider using a nice name as your partner code as it helps in branding little bit and also makes your affiliate URL look cool. In this case, I have used mine blog name “VisRana” in it and after that enter your PayPal address to get payment.

partner code

Finally, click on submit and that’s it. Now you can start promoting and make money out of this awesome high paying affiliate program.

How to promote?


You can promote it the same way like any other affiliate product promotion. I would suggest going little creative like not just sharing solely through your blog posts but also on your social channels like Facebook, Twitters and since TubeBuddy is made for YouTube you can create videos about them and add your affiliate links in descriptions & info cards.

Be remember to always use your Partner Code while you referring to people using your affiliate URL otherwise you can lose few/ many potential commissions.

Finally When do get paid?

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pay out time !!

Tubebuddy affiliate pay commissions on every first of the month. Since they have a 30-day money back guarantee in their policy, therefore they only can give you your commission after that initial 30 day period. Let’s say if someone buys tubebuddy through your affiliate link on January 1 you’ll get paid after February 1.

If you want to try TubeBuddy for yourself you can join from here and get a lifetime discount, yippee!!

Join From Here & Get Lifetime Discount

Do you know any good affiliate programs?? Let us know in the comments below, we may review it and let know others with a thank you mention.

Oh! one another thing, consider sharing this post if you found it helpful.

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