How To Migrate any Website From GoDaddy to BlueHost [WordPress, Joomla etc]

Advanced Guide To Move Website From GoDaddy to BlueHost

Recently, I have moved my WordPress blog from GoDaddy to BlueHost because of some important issues.

I was using top shared hosting plan in GoDaddy and Everything was UNLIMITED instead of one thing which is FILE USES. Everything was working fine until I exceeded the file uses ( 150000 ) and After that I was unable to do anything in my blog due to this BULLSHIT limit.

When I contact the GoDaddy support they advised me to purchase a VPS or Dedicated plan which is very costly for me this time. If you don’t know about VPS or Dedicated server or confused about them then you can read my previous article 10 Simple Points to Decide When to Move to VPS Hosting from Shared Hosting.

BlueHost web hosting is the best web hosting now a days and It’s also recommended by WordPress Team because of low price and best feature. It doesn’t have any file uses limits, everything is unlimited and It costs only few dollars per month.

I am here using a word again and again which is UNLIMITED but this doesn’t means what it looks like so I will recommend you to read my another article Busting The Myth Behind ‘Unlimited’ Web Hosting.

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Steps To Move Website From GoDaddy to BlueHost

Steps To Migrate Website From GoDaddy to BlueHost

Before you start the migration, be sure to create a backup of your website.

Step 1: Transfer your domain

1. Open GoDaddy Domain Manager

Login to GoDaddy and navigate to Domain Manager

GoDaddy Domain Manager

2. Open Domain settings

Click on Domain settings for the domain you wish to migrate.

GoDaddy Domain settings

3. Disable domain lock

If you’ve got Domain lock turned on, be sure to turn this off.

Disable GoDaddy domain lock

4. Get authorization code

To complete the domain transfer, you’ll need an authorization code from your existing registrar.

Before you click “Get authorization code”, make sure you have the correct email address updated with GoDaddy.

Click on “Get authorization code” to have GoDaddy mail you the authorization code and domain information.

Get godaddy authorization code

The email looks similar to this:

Godaddy Domain authorization code

5. Login to BlueHost and enter your authorization code.

The domains option is found under cPanel settings. Click on Transfer domain.

Transfer Domain Bluehost

Enter your domain name.

Transfer - Select a Domain Bluehost

Next enter the authorization code you received via email.

You’ll now receive another email containing a second verification code. Enter the second verification code.

6. Change the name servers.

Choose the option to update the name servers to BlueHost.

The name servers for BlueHost are ns1.blueHost.com and ns2.blueHost.com.

Additionally choose a renewal option, update your contact information and agree to the Terms of Service.

Finish the checkout process.

7. Accept pending transfer on GoDaddy

Go back to GoDaddy transfers and accept the pending transfer.

Godaddy Pending Account Changes

Step 2: Transfer your files

1. Open GoDaddy Web Hosting Manager

Login to GoDaddy and navigate to Web Hosting Manager.

Godaddy Webhosting Manager

2. Create an FTP user account

Navigate to FTP settings and create an FTP user account.

Godaddy FTP user account

Also make a note of your FTP address.

Godaddy FTP address

3. Download files and folders

Connect to your FTP address with an FTP client and download your website’s files and folders.

4. Upload files to BlueHost

Login to BlueHost cPanel and open File Manager.

Bluehost File Manager

Upload the files and folders downloaded from your GoDaddy account into the domain’s directory.

Step 3: Migrate your database

If your website uses a database, you’ll have to migrate it along with your domain and files.

1. Login to phpMyAdmin

Under GoDaddy Web Hosting Manager, click on MySQL database.

Godaddy MySQL Database

Click on phpMyAdmin to access the database.

Godaddy phpMyAdmin

2. Export database from GoDaddy

Click on Export to start exporting your database.

Keep Database SQL Godaddy

3. Import database into BlueHost

Navigate to phpMyAdmin on your BlueHost cPanel and import the database you exported from GoDaddy.

phpMyAdmin Bluehost

4. Import database on Bluehost

Navigate to BlueHost “Database Tools” section and click on “phpMyAdmin”. Create a new database here. Then click on “Import”, select the SQL file and click “Go”.

Your database from Godaddy is now on Bluehost!


If you are follow these steps, you can easily move your website from GoGaddy to BlueHost. As always, take backup before you start the migration process. Let me know if anything is not clear by commenting below.

If you want to Install WordPress on BlueHost follow these steps.

Enjoy your new hosting provider!

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