How to Place Google Adsense Ads anywhere in WordPress Blog

How to Place Google Adsense Ads anywhere in WordPress Blog

Google Adsense is the king of all affiliate programs So whenever new Blogger make their Blog/ Website, other Bloggers recommends to use Google Adsense to make money online genuinely. New bloggers do many mistakes to get Adsense account to be approved but failed and If you are of them then I have a good news for you and that is I am an easy method to get Google AdSense approval instantly or within few hours. Now after getting Adsense Account, the problems occurs and that is low CPC, RPM and revenue with Adsense Ads.

Adsense is the best CPC advertising program which pays fantastic price and delivers highly relevant Ads. Well, I have already Written many articles to increase AdSense revenueAdSense RPMAdSense CPC and to increase AdSense earning. Instead of it, I have reveled 12 best AdSense plugins and 10 best AdSense optimized WordPress themes too.

Getting Adsense account is relatively easy for bloggers than Placing Adsense Ads where they want. I am an Adsense Publisher since 2010 and through these years I read and learned lot about Adsense. In this article I am going to reveal how I place Adsense Ads, almost anywhere in WordPress Blog. Though I employed various methods for placing Ad tags, One method which proved to be much easier for controlling Ads Placement is using a WordPress Plugin called Ad Injection.

Why go for Ad Injection?

Ad Injection offers variety of options with very neat and understandable UI. Find some of its features below

It has four Ad Placements

  1. Top Ad – Ads below the Post Title
  2. Random Ad – Ads in between the post based on Post length
  3. Bottom Ad – At the end of the post
  4. Footer Ad – Above the Footer (Below comment form)

Ads can be enabled/ disabled based on type of content (Page, Post ,Home page etc).


Ad Injection WordPress Plugin Features

  • Number of Ads can be automatically adjusted based on post length.
  • Filter Ads based on Post Categories,Tags and Authors.
  • Ads can be enabled/disabled based on the post age.
  • Ability to rotate Ads.It can be used for A/B test.
  • No need to add any CSS for aligning Ads.Ads can be easily aligned,floated by inbuilt options.
  • Advanced Ad Injection Text widget can be used to place Ads on sidebar with various filters like post type,categories,tags etc.
  • Ads can be previewed by Admins before implementing it.

Install and Manage Ad Injection Plugin

  1. Go to Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New and Search for the term Ad Injection. Install the first plugin in the result and enable it.
  2. To manage Ads Go to Dashboard >> Settings >> Ad Injection

Placing Adsense Ads in between the post

Placing Ads in between post is incredibly simple with Ad Injection.You need to place the Ad tags inside Random Ad field under Advert settings. Similarly You can find fields for other Ad sections also.


You can control the Ad placement and number of Ads based on post length. You can see the settings below Ad placement settings.


Other creative Ways to use Ad Injection

Apart from Ads you can also use Ad injection for various other tasks such as

  • To place custom Newsletter/ Optin form
  • Announcements on particular post categories and tags.
  • To restrict Social media banners and buttons to certain post types. Like making it Visible in Home page only.

Ad Injection is pretty useful but it has some drawbacks. For example,You can not place Ads above the header or after the primary menu. In such case you need to register new widget area where you want to show up the Ad and then you can use Ad Injection Text Widget. Since I use Genesis Framework,I am quiet comfortable with the codes for registering new widgets.

Few words for Bloggers, Every Blogger wants to increase website traffic Instantly and SEO the is The best solutions for it, If you are not using SEO friendly WordPress themes Then I recommends to use them for your Profits and You can also check these 8 best SEO WordPress Adsense themes. If you are Using Yoast SEO WordPress plugin then you Must Configure It Correctly.

Speak Up

Have you ever used Ad Injection ? If not, Will you try this Plugin now ? or Have you found any other plugin much interesting than this one ? Lets have a chat right below.

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