6 Reasons Why Visitors are Not Visiting Your Blog

Top Reasons Why Visitors are Not Visiting Your Blog

Lets put this question in opposite way about blog traffic, Why visitors should visit my blog? Before go to the answer,

  • Do you know how many websites available on internet?
  • How many people are creating and publishing blogs every day?
  • How many users looking for something daily on internet?

To be honest, I don’t know the correct answer and don’t think anybody will have the exact answer. This post from famous site may give idea about the total registered domains.

Now let’s think why visitors should visit my (your) blog?

To get a practical answer about blog traffic, just imagine, one of your friend created a blog and started posting. Now ask yourself ‘why I will visit his or her blog?’.

Just for the friendship you will visit 4 or 5 times, after that?…If nothing is new, useful and interesting on your friend’s blog, then you will stop visiting. In same way before creating a blog, think and decide why others will visit your (my) site. Each internet users have valuable reasons to visit a website. Nobody wants to spend their time on a site which is not useful, when they can find better than yours.

1. Information is Useful and Correct

Information on your site should be useful and correct for each user. Even if you have a porn site, it should be useful in some way. If users find your site contents are useful and correct, then they probably bookmark or subscribe or even share with others.

2. Unique Content

A website must have unique content of selected topic. Unique content bring more users via search engines and referrals. Also, if it is duplicated from other sites, then search engines will not care your site.

3. Frequent Updates

When visitors visit your site, make sure they come back and look for updates. You can achieve this by updating your contents frequently and publishing series of articles.

For example, if you publish a article today, let users know other part will be covered next week or month. So same users will wait and come to your site later.

Users like to visit the sites which getting updates frequently rather than ‘Dead Blogs’.

4. Someone Refers your Site

Someone refers your site to his or her friends, relatives and colleagues. This happens when a visitor feels ‘this site is great with useful information; let me share with my friends’.

Emails, social networking sites can be used for this purpose. Even one day, you would be surprised to see other bloggers refer theirs users to your blog posts because of unique and useful information.

5. You Take care of Visitors

When a visitor leaves a comment or suggestion, you have to respond. This method will bring the same user again to your blog. Also, when others see a good communication between you and your visitors, it will make them feel that your blog is taking care of visitors. I think this is an important reason for why visitors have to visit a blog.

6. Information, Not Money

Visitors must feel your blog provides information, not trying make money from them.

They visit your blog to get some information, not to see or click your site ads, correct?. When you place so many advertisements with banners all around the blog and it makes visitors to find difficult to see the required content, I’m sure they will not come back again.

How many of you like to see advertisements in between your favorite movie? Almost no one. This doesn’t mean you can’t place any ads or banners on your site, but make sure visitors don’t feel that your blog is ‘an ad site’.

Do satisfy above requirements on your blog from beginning to become a pro blogger.

Do you have different thoughts or valid points?

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