13 Things to Manage a Day in Blogging as Part Time Blogger

Top Things to Manage a Day in Blogging as Part Time Blogger

Being a part time blogger is not an easy job as I say always. Day time will go with your full time job, then you will be busy with your family, friends and entertainment activities. People say that you must regularly update blog, reply to all comments and emails, read other blogs, create network among other bloggers and more like this……

How we are going to do these all as a part time blogger alone. Here I have put some activities we can do on daily basis to manage a day in blogging.

To be honest, I struggle to manage my day. I have two blogs, need to be updated, reply to comments, emails and read other blogs, on the other hand my full time job always make me busy. I know most of the part time blogger will be facing the similar issue.

I scheduled my daily blogging activity and here are the things I’m trying to do in a day. If I miss anything here, feel free to share. I can learn something from your comments.

Lets Start From Here…

1. Check your Site in internet browser

Why? This is to make sure your website is up and running today. If you configure some automated monitoring services to monitor and send email, then you can avoid this. Still, I feel better to check in a browser as a first thing in a day.

If you suspect something is wrong, go to below link and type your address.


2. Check WordPress admin panel.

Why? This is to make sure your blog is still with you. Not hacked or hijacked, and your passwords are still valid, WordPress files and database are in good condition.

3. Check your earnings

Why? Because I like this part very much. This point either will make the day happy or sad. Don’t worry for anything, when ever you are upset by your previous day earnings, just say to your self;

It’s OK, I will try tomorrow also, because I’m not blogging for money.

4. Read your emails

Why? Here you can see some direct contact emails from readers, bloggers and advertisers. Try to respond all emails related to blog this time. If you find any tricky and useful question from your readers, then write it down some where. We will use this information later.

5. Reply to Comments

Why? I don’t need to tell the reason.

You can move this to above point 3, just after logged in to your WordPress admin panel. Again, if you find a tricky, useful question and suggestion in comments area, then note it down somewhere. We will use this later.

6. Time to Check Other Blogs Related to your niche

Why? This is to know the latest news and trends in your niche. It will be helpful to improve your knowledge and get to know new things in your interested filed and niche. The extra point is, you can get some new ideas to write a new post on your blog.

7. Write and Save a Post

Why? You know why. Based on the emails your received ( Point 4), comments (point 5) and read in other blogs (Point 6) decide and draft a article/post. Do spend more time for this activity than any of the activities today. This is the most important part in blogging, content producing.

While writing, do a keyword research with Google keyword tool.

Add images, complete the all SEO requirement for this new post, do a proof reading and save it as draft. Do not publish.

8. Take a rest, forget blogging for some time

If you have a busy blogs, then repeat the Point 4 and 5 now , replying emails and comments.

Why? To keep a good relationship with your readers and other bloggers. Be active.

9. Publish a Post Now

Why? Now your mind would be different and fresher than how it was while drafting this post. Do a proof read again, read like a visitor of your blog. Make sure its clear, correct and complete post. Preview it and Press Publish button with smile 🙂

10. Go to Social Networking Sites

Why? After published a new post, you must utilize social networking and bookmarking sites to promote the new post among your followers and friends. Tweet, Digg and share it.

12. Leave some comments in other blogs

Why? This works in two ways.

When you leave valuable comments in latest posts at your favorite blogs, it brings traffic to your home page, readers come to know about you and your blog, its some kind of branding.

Note – You can do this with point 6. But why I’m mentioning here is, if you comment after published a new post, then it will impress the incoming readers by showing the activeness of your blog.

Second, do a search on Google related to your new post and find out the top search results. Go to these sites and make sure its more related to your new article and it’s an active blog. Then, leave some comments with your new post’s link. Again, this will drive the traffic to new blog post from related topic sites.

13. Time to Go Home

I suggest to take a point with you to home to produce a article. You can take longer time at home to study and experiment to produce killer articles.

After reach home, do not repeat any of the above steps except writing killer articles. Spend time with your spouse, kids, friends and relatives. Watch TV, listen music and do anything like these. Balance your life well, be a good blogger, good husband/wife and good father and mother.

As I said earlier in this post, I need you opinion in this schedule. What we can add more and avoid? What’s your daily schedule and how you are managing a day as part time blogger?

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