Most Important Things to Know Before Starting a Blog

The Most Important Things to Know Before Starting a Blog

People often start a blog to make money online and When they do not succeed and do not earn enough money with their blog then they just stop blogging. So Today I will be sharing some Things to remember before starting a blog for those newbies Bloggers.

Everyone should clear the concept of Blogging, many newbies take it as a source of income, I don’t disagree but in reality blogging is much more. I will not be getting deep into this being specific. ( Explained Below)

Always Remember this quote from Mike Butcher: “Blogging is a conversation, not a code. “ So, Here are 15 Things to remember before starting a blog.

1. Never ever think of earning from your blog from the first day itself

Never ever think of earning from your blog from the first day itself

It takes months or even a year to start earning good money on daily basis. No one become successful a blogger within a day or a week. Average estimates shows that with this much competition in blogging it takes 1 complete year build a successful blog. So don’t panic if you do not earn even in the beginning 3-6 months.

If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis.

2. Never panic if you don’t get traffic to your blog

Never panic if you don’t get traffic to your blog

These days its common that people are looking for traffic, but again for a newbie, the starting months will be hard. Never get demotivated by this. Its common for all. It will take time of about 6 months to start receiving constant traffic to your blog.

3. Don’t get confused of choosing between WordPress and Blogger

Confused Woman

It has been seen that there is a big confusion among the newbies on what platform to chose. I would suggest Blogger for newbies as all your focus will be on writing and producing quality content rather than wasting time for hosting, installing and trying new plugins etc.

4. Never Ever try any Blackhat technique

Blackhat technique

Many newbies are adopting blackhat techniques to get their blog to top or for getting traffic or for getting backlinks, but remember once you enter into blackhat world, you can no longer be renowned as a good blogger. Apart from this these black methods have a negative impact on your blog.

You can fool others but you cant even think of fooling Google, Google will one day straight away flag your blog and all your hard work will go useless. Google updates regularly and your blog should be always ready to face the updates.

5. Don’t copy articles, write by yourself

Don’t copy articles, write by yourself

One more thing many blogger specially the newbies are doing is that they just copy articles from other blogs, websites or even books available as black on the net and post on their own blog. This is really bad in terms of blogging.

A blogger is one who writes articles and attract readers to his blog, rather than just applying copy paste methods. This again comes as illegal in terms of google and your blog will get a red flag soon or if you are using Adsense, you will surely lose it.

Write articles by yourself, that way you will get experience and motivation to write more. Believe me I did copy pasting too but when I wrote my first article, I never stopped. You have to give your complete dedication and if you have passion for what you are doing then no one can stop you.

However, you can always open your blog for guest postings. Once you get on the flow then you may even hire people to write articles for your blog.

6. Never waste time on Templates and Themes

Never waste time on Templates and Themes

Yes, they do play an important role in your blog and are very much responsible for attracting readers apart from your content. Just get a free template from internet and use it, instead of changing and trying new templates or themes, this eats up your writing time. as a blogger you will always be confused in many themes and templates due to wide range of varieties available.

But chose one and carry it on your blog, you have to just make sure that your template is well optimized for mobile and tablet devices as well, plus your template should be responsive, well optimized in terms of SEO and have required widgets.

7. Never get Confused in Writing Articles


Write on those Topics in which you have interest as well as Knowledge. You can produce attractive and Killer contents only if you know about what you are writing of, Just reviewing and writing don’t make any sense and you will not be able to share your ideas, thoughts or experiences. So chose your niche wisely.

Now when it comes to writing follow these steps:

  1. There is no word limit, never set a limit and write, you can write upto 2000 words its all upto you. You may miss much if you set a limit and start.
  2. Be specific when writing articles.
  3. Don’t get deep into subtopics. You may create new posts on that.
  4. Use reviews, examples, share ideas and experiences if you have any.
  5. Try to explain in points or in steps rather than explaining in single paragraph.

8. Buy a domain name carefully

Domain Name

Buying a domain is a must if you want to get success at a faster rate, as private domains are given much more importance by google as compared to hosted domain names. You will be ranked faster, you will get more traffic and most importantly your blog will get a professional look.

Try to get an attractive name that can be remembered easily. Use your keyword in it if you want but nowadays after google updates it hardly makes a difference.

9. Just posting is not work done

Social Media Skills

As a newbie once you post an article on your blog, you need to spread it and this can be done by social networks. For first few months you have to rely on only social traffic on your blog before you get indexed on google and get ranked higher.

Make use of Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, G+ and many others. Make sure to have a page of your blog on Facebook. However flooding your blog links on different social networks can create a negative impact on your social accounts, you may get restricted of posting your link, So just find places, pages, communities and groups of your interests and share your posts.

10. Never show dominance

Answering Questions

Though by following all the above steps you will become a successful blogger, but there are still many voids to be filled. So never spread yourself, the world will get to know about yourself themselves. you just continue posting articles regularly, if you can rise you can fall too. So be careful this is the world of blogging and you never expect what happens next.

These were 15 Things to remember before starting a blog. I hope that this article have won many hearts of newbies. If you have any problems feel free to contact us. Show your appreciations in comments. Do subscribe our blog and visit other pages too. You may find something interesting.

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