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What Skill Sets are Required to Earn Money Online?

What Skill Sets are Required to Earn Money Online

Most of the people asked this question every time when they decide to earn money online but As my experience the first question should be “What skills I have?” or “What is my passion?” to asked themselves and after getting answer you can go ahead for the next question to earn money online using your internet and computer.

Well, there is no any certain rules to earn money from internet if you have some kind of skills like Writing, Video making, sharing or anything. After knowing your skills, just put these skills into action and you have complete first step to earn money online. Now let’s go in deep about making money online skills .

As I have already said that there is no certain rules to earn money online and There is no any certain skills are required or needed to earn money from internet. If you follow others skills to grow and make money, you will be thrown out as soon as possible and you will get only hopeless situations.

Making money from internet is very easy but it takes time and sometime it takes lots of time but It’s not the way to become millionaire in one night stand if you are beginners. Have I disappointed you by saying these words but It’s true but don’t demotivate yourself because you can still become a millionaire.

1. Writing Skills

Writing Skills

If you can write article about something or passionate about something that you can write about it then it’s the most common way to get work on the internet and earn money online from the internet world.

There are many website and services that pay you up to $5 to $35 per single article.

Oh! I am sorry! not just article, it’s quality article that can benefit that website or services.

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2. Blogging Skills

Blogging Skills

This is another skills that most of the people are using for making money online.

Do you know?

When people get to know that they can also earn money online easily then the first choice was made by these people is to start their own blog and start earning but they failed quickly because they don’t have enough knowledge about it.

They started blogging because they heard or read somewhere that blogger are earning thousands of dollar per month.

Now one truth i wanna share with you all and that is, More than 1 Lack people join blogging per day and start their own blog to make money from internet but only 1% of then are successful to grow their blog and other leaved or dropout.

These 1% successful people share their successful journey and Other remains unknown.

By reading these successful people journey other newby people get excited and start their own blogging journey and again get fails like others because they don’t know the truth of blogging and do the common blogging mistakes like others do.

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3. Making Videos Skills

Making Videos Skills

Most of the people when they failed in blogging carrier and search for how to earn money online then they get another answer that making videos on YouTube and monetizing with AdSense.

I am not saying that it won’t work because I am also making more than $50 to $150 per day from YouTube and Most of the Successful YouTube’s user are making up to $150 to $450 per day.


But i’s true.

If you want to make money from YouTube then remember one thing, By creating and uploading any type of video will not get you a good amount of money from YouTube.

If you really wanna successful YouTuber and Really wanna make huge money like other are making then You must create a Quality video after doing some research like Keywords Research or something else.

Tips to be successful in YouTube

  • Create Videos for Viewers not for yourself
  • Do Research before making any video
  • Use Quality Keywords in Video Title and Meta Tags
  • Write good descriptions
  • Use Annotations and Cards on your Videos
  • Add Intro Video before starting your Video
  • Share your Videos on Social Media

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4. Social Media Skills

Social Media Skills

More than 80% people are active on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Other and They are just spending time to chat others or doing flirting or something else.

If I say this also a very good skill to earn money online then do you believe me?

If not then it’s your headache not mine but truth is truth.

OK Let’s me explain my words.

There are many affiliate programs available on the internet that can be used to earn money online and it’s doesn’t matter that you have blog or not.

What you have to do is, Just join that affiliate programs, create affiliate link, share on social media and earn money.

You can get 10% to 80% of selling earnings but depends on the products and affiliate programs you have joined.

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These are the most commons skills to earn money online, If you want to get updated just visit this article after few days and You will get some other ways here.

If you know other common skills to earn money online then please do comments that can be added here in this article so that other newby people can solve their money making issue.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media and Don’t worry sharing this article with your fiends id free, We are not charging any from you for sharing this article.

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