8 Reasons Why Infographics are Good for SEO and Digital Marketing

Reasons Why Infographics are Good for SEO

Infographics or infographs as the word intends are visual representation of data, information or knowledge in a very creative way. Just recall the first time you saw any Infographic on the web, your eyes were stuck on that Infograph just because you have never seen this kind of stuff. And you were like wow…

Well this happened with me and it was obvious. Not only infographic helps your readers in conveying the info but it also helps the website owners and everyone who posts it on their blogs.

Infographics or infographs are going viral these days. All pro-bloggers are posting infographics in their blog on regular basis.

Why they are doing so? Because they are very smart they know the importance of infograph. It helps their blog or website in many ways.

How to Create Infographics or Infographs?

If you all are thinking that creating an infographic is very difficult. Yes it’s true it is difficult. Many pro bloggers are spending thousands of dollars to create some amazing infographics.

But we are newbies we don’t have that much money to spend on an infographic. So what to do now?

Will you believe if I say we can create infographics for free. Yes you read it correctly. You can create an infographic for free. You just need to go on google and search for “free infographic templates”. Now you can download infographic templates for free and edit them according to your needs.

Some sites to get free infographics templates?

Reasons Why Infographics are Good for SEO


1. Build targeted audience

Studies have found that 90% of the people are more attracted towards visual information like pictures, charts, graphs, stylish fonts and it helps to build targeted audience for your blog.

2. Attractive to visitors

Suppose you have 1 very detailed article of 1-2 thousand words and on the other hand you have a beautiful infographic then which one you will pick to read?

Don’t waste your time in thinking I am 110% sure you will choose infographics because it includes various kinds of images, color’s, movement and they are more eye catching than plane text based content.

3. Better Understanding of content

Infographics helps your audience to understand the content in a better way. For example you want to sell a product through your blog and for that you posted 1 thousand words article in your blog. Do you really think all your visitors will read such a big article? And you know the answer is no.

Infograph helps a lot in content marketing and promotion of your services as well.

4. Make visitors stay longer

If you will post a beautiful infograph on your blog then the visitors will stay on your blog for a long time because infographics are very attractive. And if visitors will stay longer on your blog then the bounce rate of your blog will decrease and the average time duration will increase.

5. Content goes viral

A well designed infographics can easily get hundreds of shares and thus It can easily drive a lot of traffic to your blog. Statistics shows that 80% of well designed infographics goes viral in social media and gets a lot of shares.

6. Increase brand awareness

Infographics can be used to create brand awareness because visually they are very appealing. And if you will create a infograph along with your blog logo then it will help you to increase brand awareness.

7. Portrays you as expert

If you will use infographics in your blog and some people who had never seen infographics on the web will visit your blog then he/she will think that you are a pro blogger. This can create a unique connection with your visitors. Infographics are fun and very engaging.

8. Get Backlinks- Can be embedded by fellow bloggers

Every blogger knows the importance of backlinks. If you publish a beautiful infographic and allow other users to embed your infographic then you can easily get huge number of backlinks. Moreover you can submit your infographics to different submission sites and get high PR high quality backlinks to your posts as well as to your blog.


Now you all know the importance of infographic. It’s very good for SEO. So what are you waiting for go and try it in your blog and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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